Report metadata from a specified experiment or microtiter plate from a specified database, box plot controls, and plot the dose-response data.

checkplate(id, db = c("cytotox", "enzymes"))
  checkexperiment(id, db = c("ecotox", "cytotox", "enzymes"), endpoint = "%",
                  whereClause = "1")



The id of the experiment or the plate identifying it within the database.


The database to be used. Currently, the microtiter plate databases "cytotox", "enzymes" of the UFT Department of Bioorganic Chemistry are supported, as well as the database of ecotoxicity experiments "ecotox".


The endpoint that should be used for selecting the data. Only important if the database "ecotox" is used. Defaults to "%".


With this argument, additional conditions for the SQL query can be set, e.g. "duration = 48" (i.e. "Only retrieve data with duration 48"). The default is 1 (in SQL syntax this means TRUE).


The function lists a report and shows two graphs.


# Check plate number 3 in the cytotox database if (FALSE) checkplate(3) # Check data from experiment 1517 with duration 48 hours if (FALSE) checkexperiment(1517, whereClause = "duration = 48")