A named character vector with the crop acronyms used in FOCUS PELMO 5.5.3 for naming the .sze files located in the FOCUS directory. The crop acronyms in the file names are sometimes capitalized, sometimes not. The scenario files used for Beans (field) and Beans (vegetable) are the same.



An object of class character of length 25.


#> app gra pot sug win fbe vbe bus #> "apples" "grass" "potato" "sbeets" "wcerea" "beans" "beans" "bushb" #> cab car cit cot lin mai soi woi #> "cabbag" "carrot" "citrus" "cotton" "linse" "maize" "rapesu" "rapewi" #> oni ape soy spr str sun tob tom #> "onions" "peas" "soyb" "scerea" "strawb" "sunflo" "tobacc" "tomato" #> vin #> "vines"