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The R package pfm provides some utilities for fate modelling, including dealing with FOCUS pesticide fate modelling tools, (currently only TOXSWA cwa and out files), made available under the GNU public license.


The easiest way to install the package is probably to use the r-universe repo:

install.packages("pfm", repos = c("", ""))

Alternatively you can install the package using the remotes package. Using quick = TRUE skips docs, multiple-architecture builds, demos, and vignettes.

remotes::install_github("jranke/pfm", quick = TRUE)


Please refer to the reference.


One recent nice example of the usage of this package is the visualisation of a time weighted average for a sawtooth curve obtained from several overlays of mkinfit predictions as shown here.


Calculations of predicted environmental concentrations using this package have been used in some publications by Agroscope.

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