If you generate your time series using sawtooth, you need to make sure that the length of the time series allows for finding the maximum. It is therefore recommended to check this using plot.one_box using the window size for the argument max_twa.

max_twa(x, window = 21)



An object of type one_box


The size of the moving window


The method working directly on fitted mkinfit objects uses the equations given in the PEC soil section of the FOCUS guidance and is restricted SFO, FOMC and DFOP models and to the parent compound


FOCUS (2006) “Guidance Document on Estimating Persistence and Degradation Kinetics from Environmental Fate Studies on Pesticides in EU Registration” Report of the FOCUS Work Group on Degradation Kinetics, EC Document Reference Sanco/10058/2005 version 2.0, 434 pp, http://esdac.jrc.ec.europa.eu/projects/degradation-kinetics

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pred <- sawtooth(one_box(10), applications = data.frame(time = c(0, 7), amount = c(1, 1))) max_twa(pred)
#> $max #> parent #> 0.9537545 #> #> $window_start #> parent #> 0 #> #> $window_end #> parent #> 21 #>
pred_FOMC <- mkinfit("FOMC", FOCUS_2006_C, quiet = TRUE) max_twa(pred_FOMC)
#> 21 #> 18.22124